Slack Integration for Reminders

This article describes how to connect your company's Slack workspace to HackEDU to send reminder notifications to your developers

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The HackEDU Slack Integration will send a reminder notifications to developers who have not completed their assigned training. These notifications include links to the incomplete lessons and their Due Date.

These notifications are sent Monday mornings, and can be set to send weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This schedule is set in the HackEDU admin dashboard.


What will HackEDU be able to view:

  • View people in your workspace

  • View email addresses of people in your workspace

What will HackEDU be able to do?

  • Start direct and group direct messages with people

  • Send messages as @hackedu

  • Send messages as @hackedu with a customized username and avatar

  • Manage private channels that HackEDU has been added to and create new ones

Installation Instructions

Go to Settings > Notifications in the HackEDU admin dashboard. Click on "Install" on Slack Integration:

You will be redirected to Slack, where HackEDU will request permissions. Click "Allow" to continue.

We are in the process of getting our app approved by Slack.

You will then be redirected back to HackEDU, where you should see that the integration was successfully installed:

Removing the Integration

To uninstall the Slack integration, open Slack and go to the "Manage Apps" section. Click on the HackEDU app, and click "Remove App" at the bottom of the Configuration tab.

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