Configuring Rippling

To begin, start by setting up a "Custom Application" in Rippling.

Step 1: Who should install HackEDU

This article assumes you are the administrator setting up the SSO integration, so select "I'm the HackEDU admin, I'll install it"

Step 2: Setting up SSO for HackEDU through Rippling

Copy the IdP Metadata URL from this step and set it aside. This is the URL you will need to add to the HackEDU Admin Dashboard when you've completed the setup.

Step 3: Add service provider metadata (URL or XML file)

In the "Provide ACS URL", use the following URL for the "Assertion Consumer Service URL":

Under "Provide Service Provider Entity ID", provide the following value:


Step 4: Set up Advanced SAML Settings

In the custom app, under "Settings", there is an "Advanced SAML Settings" menu item:

The "Disable automatic standardization of attributes" setting needs to be set to "Yes".

Step 5: Generate provisioning rules

Finally, provide the appropriate mappings for your users. HackEDU provides JIT (just in time) user provisioning, so any user who gets access in Rippling will be able to create an account automatically by logging in.

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