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How to Generate a .HAR File for Debugging
How to Generate a .HAR File for Debugging

This article will outline how to capture and download a .HAR file for debugging

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Sometimes the HackEDU Engineering team need a little additional context to help debug an issue. This article is meant to help our team get to the bottom of an issue as quickly as possible!

Downloading HAR Files

HAR Files contain your network traffic, including some X-Request-Id headers that help us pull up the exact logs from your request. We can also see each request and response that was made which really helps pinpoint an issue.

In Chrome, you can create and download these files by first opening your Network View > Developer > Developer Tools and clicking on the Network tab.

Once you have DevTools open, attempt to replicate the issue you are having by interacting with our web app. Once you have reproduced the issue we should have the information we need in the capture to troubleshoot further.

To export and save this information and provide it to our team, make sure you are still on the Network tab of your DevTools and click on the "Export" button in the top menu bar (see image below):

From here, you can email this file to our team at

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