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This article describes our Impact Report's features and benefits.

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In February 2022, HackEDU introduced an entirely new report to our Learning Administrators: the Impact Report!

This report displays vulnerabilities found in your code alongside assigned secure development training to show alignment and impact of Adaptive Training Plans and Application Security Testing Integrations.

What are the benefits?

  • Allows Learning Administrators to ensure training programs are efficiently addressing current organizational needs

  • The Report can be shared with internal stakeholders to show the importance of secure coding training programs and their ability to reduce application security risk

  • The data can be displayed in a customized timeframe, monthly or annually. Filters allow views by vulnerability topic or across the entire training plan all at once.

To take full advantage of this report and our Adaptive Training Plan automation, we recommend integrating your Application Security Testing and bug bounty tools (think GitHub, Synopsys, SonarQube, HackerOne, to name a few) with HackEDU’s Secure Coding Training Platform. These ongoing Adaptive Training Plans will adjust accordingly to ensure no developer time is wasted on the training they don’t need.

You can locate this report on the Secure Coding Platform by navigating to Admin > Reports & Certificates > Impact Report.

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