Setting up Team Admins
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Sometimes there are situations where a Training Administrator may need to give HackEDU access to another member of their team but they don't want them to have the same access or privileges as a full HackEDU admin. This is where the Team Admin feature comes in!

Team Admins have the ability to manage users, create and update training plans and pull Team level reporting data.

Team Admins cannot:

  1. Add new users to HackEDU

  2. View or edit other Teams

  3. Update any other HackEDU Platform related settings.

To create a Team Admin, navigate to Admin > Teams. Select the team where you want to add a Team Admin. Choose "Add User" and type in the email address of the individual you want to make Team Admin. Using the drop-down, update their role from "Member" to "Team Admin" and choose "Invite Teammate." This will update their permissions. You will need to complete this step even if the user is already a member of the team.

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