Why A Map?

Security is a journey that every developer is always traversing. Changing culture and building actionable security knowledge starts with a foundational understanding of vocabulary and concepts (White Belt) for everyone involved in the development ecosystem. Then moves to intermediate knowledge (Yellow Belt) of security concepts requiring more technical knowledge.

After establishing this foundation, the technical development team then dives deeper into the same concepts as they relate to specific coding languages and technologies (Green Belts). Real-world applications are the final two steps of becoming a security champion (Brown & Black Belt) through activities and improved practices, like Threat Modeling.

The map is where all of this happens. Each island represents a different belt - and the Personal Security Dojo opens once Green Belt is earned - this is where you become a champion.

The map offers a full navigation experience that guides you through each path, and quest. The main pieces of the map are -- Islands, Legend, Spears, and Key.

The Islands

  • Each Island represents a different belt in your journey.

  • The bottom-most island is White Belt and is indicated by Start Here.

  • To the left is the island for Yellow Belt

  • Green Belt is on the top right island, with the Personal Security Dojo indicated for Brown and Black Belt(once unlocked).

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 9-33-45 AM-png

Map Legends

  • Green: The module video or Transcript has been viewed and the assessment was passed with an 80% or higher.

  • Orange: Module is in progress

  • Purple: Not yet started.

  • Pulsating Module: Points you to your next module in your journey


Zoom In/Out

Zoom In and Out. Use the "+" in case you want to zoom in on a specific part of the map or use "'-" if you want to zoom out and have a view of the whole map.

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The Bell symbol alerts you to notifications regarding progress, achievements, assignments, and tournaments.

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Click on the User Symbol to access the User Profile

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If active shows all users' points

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Full Catalog

Shows all modules and experiments

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Achievement Wall

Shows users' highest belt achieved

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My Notes

Shows all of the notes you have taken segmented by module

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Access to Journey Plus, Assignments, Experiment Playground, Tournaments, Personal Security Dojo, Admin, Take a tour, Provide Feedback, and Sign out.

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