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Admin Guide for setting up Champion Passport Activities
Admin Guide for setting up Champion Passport Activities
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Getting Started

To complete the Champion Passport, a learner must complete a Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced path before getting access to the higher levels.

Admins can work to customize the advanced activity requirement criteria for Professional & Expert paths.

To begin, you will navigate to Admin > Paths & Quests > Activities. Our Professional path is set to 250 points and Expert is set 100 points by default (points equal hours). If you would like to adjust the required points up or down, you will need to duplicate the path. We would recommend archiving the default path so that learners will only see your required version.

Next, you will need to go to Admin > Activities.

Here, you can customize the activity options your learners will see in their Champion Passport.


Activities are broken up into two categories:

  • Actions & Objects

  • Impacts

Action is what your learner will be doing. The object is the focus. The impact will define the audience or scope of the activity and assign it a specific point value. You also have the ability to add and removing activities as needed.
We provide four pre-built options in the Platform you can use as is or as a template for setting up additional activities. They are:

  1. Build

  2. Teach

  3. Research

  4. Implement

All the Actions, Objects and Impacts are fully customizable and can be edited as needed to meet your company culture or security goals.

Mentor Guides

As learners begin working on their Champion Passport - they might need guidance or advice on where to begin. We've created a way for them to submit "Requests for Mentorship" from within in their Champion Passport!

If they submit a requests, they will be prompted to select a question & provide a more detailed explanation. You can customize the questions options they see.

Customized Messaging

Finally, we also give you the ability to customize the message learners receive after you've evaluated their judgement request.

These messages will be displayed in the Champion Passport when admin evaluates an activity. You can have a separate response for when an activity is passed, failed or if you require more information before making a decision.


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