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Admin Guide for setting up Champion Passport Activities
Admin Guide for setting up Champion Passport Activities
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Getting Started

To complete the Champion Passport, a learner must complete a foundational, intermediate and advanced path before getting access to the higher levels.

Admins can work to customize the advanced activity requirement criteria for Professional & Expert paths.

To begin, you will navigate to Admin > Paths & Quests > Activities. You will see a slider that allows you to increase or decrease the points (which equal hours) needed to complete a Professional or Expert Level activity. This setting is set to 100 points by default.


Next, you should go to Admin > Activities.

Here, you can customize the activity options your users will see in their Champion Passport.

Activities are broken up into two categories:

  • Actions & Objects

  • Impacts

Action is what your learner will be doing. The object is the focus. The impact will define the audience or scope of the activity and assign it a specific point value.

You can also add and removing activities.

By default we provide four

Once completed, the user will click on the Personal Security Dojo icon, as seen below.

Click Add an activity and choose the category of action you want to complete.


Choose the type of activity you would like to teach.


Choose the audience that you would like to impact.


Using the slide, determine the amount of time you will dedicate to this activity.


Click add activity.


Click edit description.


Add details about the activity you will be executing.


At the bottom of your screen, add notes detailing the steps taken to complete your activity.


The user can also click request mentorship if you need guidance in getting started or advice on how to proceed with your activities.


Click submit activity for judgment.


Click confirm.


The admin will receive an email notification once the activity has been submitted. In the admin screen.


Admins can add comments/feedback to the submitted activity. Use the down arrow to choose if the activity passed, failed, or needs more information.


In the admin view, you will see the screen below.


The user will see the view below.


The User's Platform will update to show your accumulated points.

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