My Notes Feature

Take notes while working on lesson modules, then track them in your My Notes.

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My Notes

While watching a learning module video or reading a transcript, you have direct access to your own notes. Locate the My Notes section on the left sidebar. From here, you can type your notes in the text box, they will auto-save. You can keep adding text or click New Note to start a new one.


The sidebar can be minimized by clicking on the green box in the top left of the video player. To reopen, simply click the box again.

Access Your Notes

If you would like to access all your saved notes, you can view them by going to My Journey > My Notes.

The left column will show any modules that has notes attached. Once you select the module notes you'd like to review, you will see all the notes that were saved while taking the lesson. You can also download a copy of all your notes by clicking the Download Notes link in the bottom left. You can choose from TXT, DOCX, PDF or CSV format.

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