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Getting started with your Champion Passport - for Learners
Getting started with your Champion Passport - for Learners
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Getting started

To begin working on your Champion Passport, you will need to complete a foundational, intermediate and advanced path before getting access to the higher levels.

Once unlocked, you can access your Champion Passport from the top navigation bar under the "More" menu.

Once inside you will have the opportunity to + Add an activity.

Setting up activities is easy. Once you click "+ Add an activity" you will be prompted to choose a category:

  • Build

  • Teach

  • Research

  • Implement

These categories and activities are determined by your Platform Admin. If there is something you'd like to do that isn't met by these predetermined settings, please reach out to them directly!

Once you select a category, you will be prompted to choose choose the activity.

Then you will choose your audience. You can focus on individuals, a team, group, organization or focus to people external to your organization.

After choosing your audience, you will be asked to determine the amount of hours you will dedicate to this activity.

You can continue to add activities or close the prompt to begin editing the activities you created in your Champion Passport. We give you the ability to edit the description and add your personal details or plans for implementation.

If you want or need additional guidance or mentorship on how to build out a plan for your activities you can click the "Request Mentorship" button within your activity.

You can choose a category and add any relevant details.

I've completed my activity! What's next?


Click confirm


Upon admin approval, you will see the view below.


Your dojo will update to show your accumulated points.



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