How to create Tournaments
Learn how to create learning and experiment-based tournaments.
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The Security Platform tournament feature provides a competitive experience for learners, where they complete code-based experiments or learning modules in exchange for tournament points.

Tournaments can be used to engage your learners through competition and provide additional motivation by making it to the top of the leaderboard when the contest is complete!

To host a successful tournament, we recommend thinking about a prize for the top three learners and advertise it as part of your tournament communications. A little can go a long way! We've found things like company branded stickers, company swag (t-shirt, mug etc.) or even trophies will get folks engaged and stoke the competitive spirit.

We offer two styles of Tournaments:

  • Learning - which asks your learners to complete a specific set of content

  • Experiment - which provides your learners a set number of language specific experiments to complete

Getting Started

To create a new tournament navigate to Admin > Tournaments > + ADD NEW TOURNAMENT.

Select the type of tournament you wish to create (Learning Mode or Experiment Mode).

Common Tournament Fields

Whether you create a learning or experiment tournament, there are some standard fields that you need to fill out.

  • Tournament Name: Provide a unique name for your tournament.

  • Description: Add details to help your users understand the purpose of this event.

  • Rules: If you have any specific rules for this event, clearly state them here.

  • Prizes: Define the rewards that your learners can win.

    • Bragging rights? Stickers? Gift cards?

  • Contact info: If users have questions about the tournament, how can they reach you?

  • Start Date - End Date: Set the timeline for your contest.

    • A good rule of thumb is making tournaments a minimum of one week and a maximum of four weeks.

Learning Tournaments

The learning tournament does not have any additional fields. After filling out all your fields, click CREATE NEW TOURNAMENT.

Experiment Tournaments

The experiment tournament has additional configuration options. Choose the number of experiments to include and the language for the tournament.

After filling out all your fields, click CREATE NEW TOURNAMENT.


  • Experiment tournaments are constrained to a single language per tournament.

  • Know that all your Learners are invited to any tournaments that are created.

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