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How do I earn a Champion Passport?
How do I earn a Champion Passport?
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The Champion Passport is all about putting what you've learned into practice. These paths give you opportunities to perform activities to improve security inside your company. What can you do to improve security? For example:

  • You could teach a lunchtime session for other developers about security?

  • Can you build a new security feature?

  • Can you create a threat model for something you're working on?

This is feature is very flexible and open-ended. You can use the activity system to create an action plan with specific activities and then journal your progress towards completing them.

When you feel you have enough evidence to prove what you've done, you will submit the activity to your Platform admin for review and judgment.

One point is equivalent to one hour of time spent on an activity of your choosing.

Our default settings require that you earn 100 points (equal to 100 hours) for Professional level and an additional 150 points (equal to 150 hours) for Expert level.

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