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Security Journey Platform Settings

There are a number of settings that can be configured to fit the needs of an organization's users and program.

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How to configure the Security Journey customization settings & features

The following settings can be turned on and off in the Settings menu of the Admin Console. Simply toggle the slider - blue is on, gray is off.

Activate Default Paths

Activate or deactivate automatic updates of default paths. As we create more content and update the default paths this setting allows you to control if your Platform should be automatically updated with that new content as it releases. This may cause changes to reporting for users who have completed the default path.


For full gamification turn on the leaderboard! Learners can see how they rank amongst their peers. The Leaderboard shows profile avatar, name, total points, highest level achieved and the last time the user was active in the platform.

Anonymous Leaderboard

The Anonymous Leaderboard is the same as the Leaderboard, except the names are anonymized. Profile avatars are still visible. This setting can be turned on only when the Leaderboard setting is on.

Achievement Wall

For a slightly different kind of gamification, turn on the Achievement Wall. This displays user belt achievements by date without points.


The title bar search can be turned on or off to limit or allow users to search the full module catalog and access modules outside of the belt paths and quests that are offered. Search indexes all available transcripts on the platform and allows a learner to find relevant content based on search terms.

Full Catalog

Show or hide the catalog, which contains a list of all available lessons. With this on, users can access and consume any module in the catalog.


Enable or disable GDPR compliant mode. When enabled, users can export their data as JSON and close their accounts. The options to do so are located in the user's profile page:

Congratulations Emails

When enabled, once a learner completes a level, the system sends a congratulations email.


These happy little ninjas create maximum fun by celebrating when a lesson is completed!

Lesson Rankings

Lesson knowledge ranking questions are shown to the learner before and after each module. By asking for learner knowledge before and after each module, we are able to calculate your developers learning swing (aka how much they've learned after consuming our content). These statistics on knowledge gain can be an important measurement and used to encourage security culture change. Turning this setting off means a learner will not see the questions.

Dojo Intro Video

This allows you to replace the intro video for Brown and Black belt is the Personal Security Dojo


These emails are sent to learners on a regular basis to remind them of their achievements and invite them back to continue training. Admins can set the cadence and turn these off or on.

Number to Tries

This limits the number of times a user can retake a failed Assessment after a module before having to go back to watch the video or read the transcript.

When set to 0 the number of tries is unlimited.

Strict Assignment

Enable or disable strict assignment mode. When enabled, users are locked into one specific belt and are not allowed to change. For more information, click here.

Security Contact

Fill out the contact information in the settings menu so learners know who inside your organization to contact with questions related to requirements and other company specifics. The Security Journey Support Team is available to help with any specific questions about the Platform.

Dojo Disclaimer - Notes

Enable this to add a disclaimer to not include confidential company or personal information inside the notes section of modules.

Company Logo

Edit and replace the company logo by uploading a .png or .jpg file. We recommend a horizontal version with a transparent background when possible.

Security Journey API

For more information on our API options, click here.

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Check out this article for more information on Webhooks.

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