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Security Journey Webhooks
Security Journey Webhooks

This feature exists to give Admins a mechanism to receive status and then translate that status into a message

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Here is a sample of the data sent via POST to the Webhook URI defined in the Security Journey Platform admin interface. You’ll need to create a custom program registered at the Webhook Url to handle the JSON parsing and posting the message on your Slack or MS Teams. The Security Journey Webhook only sends the level and user information to a secondary source as JSON.

You configure the Webhook URL within the Admin interface, under Settings.

NOTE: This must be turned on in Settings to function. Also, there is no save or submit button it saves automatically.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 1-33-20 PM-png

Example data sent to the Webhook on a level completion:





"course":"White Belt",

"role_name":"White Belt - Basic Training",




"progress":"15 of 15",










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