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Security Journey Reporting Overview
Security Journey Reporting Overview
We offer several report views along with downloadable files.
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The Platform Dashboard

This quick glance data is found in the admin console and offers an overview of your program progress. Including the number of modules, experiments, assessments, activities, and number of users.

*NOTE: The dashboard will display data that includes users who have been archived, and might differ from other platform reports.

To view data for specific date ranges, use the date picker at the top of the sections

Reporting Options


This report displays all belt and quest progress by user. Each line represents a path or quest the learner is enrolled in. The data can be filtered and displayed by date as well as downloaded. This includes:

  • Email

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Level (Belt or Quest)

  • Level Start Date

  • Last Engagement

  • Paths

  • Status

  • Completion

  • Progress


This report provides a breakdown of consumed modules and the current Platform balance (if it is a usage-based Platform).

Lesson Rankings

If the Lesson Rankings Questions is turned on in settings, this report displays the results by Belt and individual lesson module. For more information about how we calculate Lesson Rankings and calculate learning swing, you can read this article.

Assignment Progress

Provides an overview of individual learner's assignment progress including all completion with a line for each assignment a user has been enrolled. Data can be filtered and displayed by date with an option to download. Data fields are:

  • Email

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Assignment Name

  • Due Date

  • Status

  • Progress

Downloadable Platform Reports

To access the full list of available reports, click the bold "Reporting" option in the admin menu.

You will find:

  • Report - Full Details: Includes all details from all users for both level paths and quests. Each user's enrollment is shown on an individual line; including in-progress, paused, and passed.

  • Report - Summary: Includes all details from all users for only the current, in-progress level path or quest. No previous paths, levels, or quests are included in this report. Each user's data is shown on one line.

  • Report - Usage: This report is run daily and provides a summary of all user usage, broken down by quarter. The purpose of this report is to provide you with a current view of how much usage your users have consumed and how much balance you have left for the duration of your agreement.

  • Report - User: This report displays data on all users' points, their email, names, and other SAML-configured attributes, if applicable.

  • Report - Lesson Attempts: This report is run hourly and includes all details from lesson attempts.

  • Report - Assignment Progress: This report is run hourly and includes all details from assignment progress.

Other Reporting Options

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