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Creating Training Assignments
Creating Training Assignments

This article describes how to set up and configure training assignments.

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Feature Overview:

You may have training requirements for particular groups of learners within your organization. Assignments allow you to assign a default or custom learning path to a specific group of users. That way, learners know exactly what they are expected to complete!

This feature is well suited for Security Journey clients with multiple paths based on specific development platforms or languages.


  • To create an assignment you will need an active path

    • All Security Journey default paths are "deactivated" by default

Create an Assignment

  1. Navigate to More > Admin > Assignments

  2. In the top right corner, click "Create New"

3. The blue bar at the top of the page is where you will select the path you want to assign. Once you've selected the appropriate path, you can customize the assignment as needed:

  • You will need to give your assignment a name and update the description

  • You can set a due date or set the assignment duration (how many days a learner has to complete the assignment)

  • You can also enable notifications (they can be sent either weekly, monthly or quarterly)

  • An assignment will not be visible to learners until it's activated

4. Once you've updated all the necessary settings, click "Create New Assignment"

Add Users to Assignments

Once the assignment has been created, you will be able to add users or update the Assignment Selection to automatically pull users into the assignment.

You can use the "Assign All Users" toggle to pull everyone into the assignment. If you would like to add users individually, you can copy/paste their email address individually or you can bulk upload users using the CSV file upload. Please follow our instructions for setting up the .CSV file so that it will be uploaded successfully. Once entered, you will click "Add Users to Assignment."

Assignment Selection

Sometimes, you won't always have a list of users and may want an assignment to be automatically assigned to someone based on one of their learner attributes or by level.

Learner attributes can be uploaded along with users to Security Journey using the Admin > Users > Add "Users" .CSV upload. You can also automate the adding of learner attributes by passing these from your SSO configuration or through SCIM.

Once you select an attribute or attributes, any user who has that field will be added to the assignment. This is proactive, meaning any new user who meets this criteria going forward will also be added to the assignment.

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