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Custom Resources

Instructions on how to add or modify custom resources within Security Journey Modules

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Resources within the Security Journey platform represent our bibliography or the sources we used in the creation of the module. Custom resources provide you the ability to add your own resources to a specific lesson.

To upload your own resources, you will go to Admin > Resources. Click on any lesson in the dark gray column, and you'll see the title, description, tags, and whether the lesson is included in any of your paths.

The Security Journey resources that you see in the admin settings are visible but are read-only and cannot be modified.manner.

The Custom Resources are where you can provide your learners with links to internal or external resources within a module that you feel may supplement their learning or be appropriate for your internal culture.

When adding a Custom Resource, you will need to provide:

  • The URL,

  • Name (as you want it displayed to your learners)

  • Resource description


After you add a Custom Resource, it will show up within the module under the "Resources" pane:

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