What are Path Versions?
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The "My Paths" feature on the Security Journey is subject to path versioning. What this means is that if you publish a path and a learner or learners enroll, they will be assigned the "latest" version of the belt path.

Every time a change is made and saved to the custom Path a new version will appear in the "Latest" dropdown. The changes you've made will not appear for learners who have enrolled in the previous version.

Whenever you edit a custom Path in your "My Paths" on Security Journey, the newest version with any changes becomes the "latest" and the previously iteration will show as the date MM/DD/YY and time it was created.

If you need learners to all see the same content, you would need to delete the current path and recreate it. We highly recommend finalizing any custom paths before making them available in the Security Journey Platform to minimize confusion and ensure that your learners are taking ALL the content you wish them to receive.

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