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How to create Micro Paths

This article discusses how you can use micro paths to break up a path into multiple parts.

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How do you create a micro path?


  • Admin permissions

  • Active Path

First, you will need to duplicate a Recommended Path or create a new path. For more information on creating paths, check out this article.

After you've selected the path you'd like to break up into micro paths. You will need to click on the path name and open up the Path editor. Within the Path Details section, you will find the Micro paths? check box.

​Checking this box, you will receive a prompt warning you that this cannot be undone.

Keep in mind, the number of modules in the path will determine how many micro paths are created. In this example, there were 15 modules in the path. We will create 3 micro paths with 5 lessons in each path.

This process can take a few seconds to complete. You will see a green banner letting you know once it was successful. Once the micro paths have been created, you can edit or update the individual micro path names, descriptions and lessons as needed.

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