How to find and set up missions

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What are Missions?

Missions are similar to Quests but they allow you to create a path with only experiments. When you complete a mission, you get a badge instead of a full certificate, like when you complete a path.

When would I use this feature?

Missions are a great way to give your Developers access to experiments to work on additional skills in their language of choice. These would be outside of their current pathway.

Note: All learners will see any Mission that has been created and it will be visible under the Paths dropdown on the left side of the Map or under Paths on the left side when in List View.

Getting Started

To create a Mission, go to Admin > Paths & Quests > My Missions > ADD A NEW MISSION.

From here you will need to give this new mission a name, description and choose the specific experiments you want your learners to complete. You can filter by difficulty or language. You can add up to 6 experiments per Mission. When you are finished, you will choose "ACTIVATE MISSION" and save changes.

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