What are missions?

Missions are similar to Quests but they allow you to create a path with only experiments. When you complete a mission, you get a badge after successfully completing it. Instead of a full certificate, like when you complete a belt path.

When would I use this feature?

Missions are a great way to give your Developers access to experiments to work on additional skills in their language of choice. These would be outside of their current belt pathway.

Note: All learners will see any Quest that has been created and it will be on the Security Journey map under White Belt Island.

Getting Started

To create a Mission, go to Admin > Paths & Quests > My Missions > ADD A NEW MISSION.

From here you will need to give this new mission a name, description and choose the specific experiments you want your learners to complete. You can filter by difficulty or language. You can add up to 6 experiments per Mission. When you are finished, you will choose "ACTIVATE MISSION" and save changes.

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