Security Journey Email Notifications

The following emails are sent automatically if required and can be toggled on or set as optional

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This article outlines the Security Journey email notifications and settings and which are required and which are optional.

Required Email Notifications

1. Invitation Instructions: When a user is invited to the Platform, an email is sent out to that new learner, inviting them to the Platform. The email includes a link that sends the Learner to the Platform to set their name and password.

2. Confirmation: When a learner signs up through a means other than an invitation, an
email is sent to them to confirm their account and to set their password.

3. Reconfirmation: When a learner wants to change their email address, an email is sent to their new address to confirm the change.

4. Reset password: When a learner clicks the “Forgot password?” link on the login page, an email is sent to them with a link to reset their password.

5. New Judgment request: When a learner submits a judgment request, all admins receive an email with the details of the request.

6. New Mentor request: When a learner submits a mentor request, all admins receive an email with the details of the request.

7. Started Tournament: When an admin creates a tournament, all learners receive an email with a link inviting them to join the tournament.

8. Finished Tournament: Once the tournament has ended, all learners that participated receive an email.

Optional Email Notifications Setting (Admin controlled)

Any of the emails below are considered optional and can be turned OFF or ON using the Admin > Settings > Notification toggle.

1. Unread Notification: An email is sent when a learner has not viewed their notifications within 15 minutes of receiving the bell notification.

2. Notify User For Inactivity Email:

  • When a learner has not been active since the last inactivity check, an email containing the learner’s current belt progression is sent out.

  • If notifications are enabled, set the frequency to either weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

3. Status Email:

Provides an email to each learner WEEKLY reminding them of their current achievements in the Security Journey Platform and inviting them back to continue their training.

4. Congratulation Email:

These emails have their own toggle. Located under Admin > Settings > Congratulation Emails. Once a learner completes a belt, an email is sent out congratulating them on finishing their path!

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