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Customizing your Learning Paths

This article describes how you can customize a default learning path.

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All of our Recommended training paths were created by our Application Security Engineers and can be used as is. However, you can also duplicate and customize the paths as needed to meet your organization's unique learning goals or compliance needs.

If our default Recommended paths need to be edited you can duplicate them and make changes as needed.

To duplicate a path, you will navigate to Admin > Default Paths > Find path you want to copy > Duplicate Path.

From here, you can:

  1. Edit the name and description of the path

  2. Add or remove lessons (Total Learning Path Duration displayed in the bottom left)

  3. Mark lessons as required or optional

  4. Change the order of the lessons as they appear on the Map or List View

Something to keep in mind is that we do subject learners to path versioning. This means that if you publish a path and a learner or learners enroll, they will be assigned that version of the path. If you make an edit, only new users enrolled in that path would see the latest version of that path. We highly recommend finalizing any custom paths before making them available in the Security Journey Platform to minimize confusion and ensure that your learners are taking ALL the content you wish them to receive.

If you would rather build a path from scratch, learn more here.

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