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The Security Journey AppSec Education Platform now offers dedicated learning paths with exclusively hands-on, Break/Fix style content. You can choose to assign these paths from the very beginning of your training program - especially if you need your learners to get in and begin remediating code right away.

These Break/Fix paths were created to mimic the existing training plans in the legacy HackEDU​ Platform.

  • The content was chosen specifically in order of increasing complexity.​

  • It also complements the Security Journey video content in our other white, yellow and green belts.

We've introduced 8 new paths to my.securityjourney:

  • White Belts​

    • HackEDU: OWASP Top 10​

    • HackEDU: OWASP API Top 10​

  • Yellow Belts

    • HackEDU: Web Application Security (Extended)​

    • HackEDU: Publicly Disclosed Vulnerabilities​

  • Green Belts​

    • HackEDU: OWASP Mobile Top 10 (Android)​

    • HackEDU: OWASP Mobile Top 10 (iOS)​

    • HackEDU: Native Applications ​

    • HackEDU: DevSecOps

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