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This article describes the Learner List View on my.securityjourney.com

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List View

List view is a new feature available to all customers using the my.securityjourney.com Platform. It provides an alternate UI from the map view experience.

The default view is still the Security Journey Map but learners now have the ability to toggle between the map and a list of their assigned content using the list feature in the top right-hand corner of the Map.

Admins do have the ability to turn off list view or control the default. The settings can be found under Admin > Settings > Learner UI. The options are:

  • Learner's Choice (map or list)

  • List View ONLY

  • Map View ONLY

Currently, the list view has feature parity with the map view and supports:​

  • Paths​

  • Quests ​

  • Missions​

  • Assignments​

  • Tournaments​

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