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Learning Swing Report
Learning Swing Report

This article discusses our Learning Swing report and how we calculate Learning Swing

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What is learning swing?

The Security Journey learning swing is measured by “before and after” learner self-assessment on an individual lesson basis. Using a five-point scale, learners rate their knowledge of the topic before and after they complete each lesson. The difference between the before and after ratings is the learning swing. Learning swing can be expressed numerically or as a percentage increase.

Where can I find this data in the Platform?

Security Journey dedicates an entire report to your learner's Learning Swing data. This is located under Admin > Reporting > Learning Swing.

Here, you can review a learning swing summary by path or by individual lesson. We provide you with the before module score, after module score, average rating and the percentage increase.

All of this data is available for download and can be exported in .CSV format.

Learning Swing Settings

By default, the learning swing self-assessment is enabled and the setting for this feature can toggled off or on by going to Admin > Settings > Learning Swing Questions.

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