Themes: What are they?

This article describes Security Journey Themes and how to use them to customize your AppSec Training Program.

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Here at Security Journey, we believe in the educational philosophy of Progressive Learning. This methodology prioritizes the importance of letting learners work through content at their own pace and developing their skills.

This type of learning environment emphasizes gradual improvement and adaptation over time instead of trying to achieve mastery all at once – you can think of your learners' leveling up' from one skill to another, building on their knowledge, to move forward.

Out of the box, we offers three themes you can choose from:

  • Levels

  • Mountain Climbs

  • Belts


By default, the Platform is configured to use Levels. These learning paths were designed to progress your learner from foundational knowledge through hands-on technical training.

Our levels are:

  • Foundational: This training content will be about what vulnerabilities are

  • Intermediate: This training content can cover how to spot vulnerabilities within the code

  • Advanced: This training content can teach how to remediate vulnerabilities through a hands-on activity

  • Professional: This is where the learner applies their knowledge inside the organization, for example by evaluating security processes; in the professional level, the learner can take action with the knowledge they have gained to have a meaningful impact on the organization

  • Expert: The learner has become a Security Champion and can be an instructor delivering security education sessions, and working as a liaison between security and development


It's possible that the options that we have available in the Platform will not work within your company's culture.

We give you the option to customize the theme's icons and path names! This provides you with the ability to brand your training and use your own naming conventions for continuity across the organization.

To make changes, click on the theme you want to update to highlight it. From here, each level will have an edit button located to the right. Editing will allow you to update the name, description and change the icon image.

For more advice about customizing your program, you can schedule a call with your Customer Success Manager. If you aren’t sure who that is, you can email

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change my Platform theme at anytime?

    1. Yes, you can modify your Platform theme whenever you need.

  2. What happens if I change our theme in the middle of my training program?

    1. If you change your Platform theme from Levels to Climbs, it will update your learner's certificates to the corresponding theme and icon

    2. The Platform Map or List View will show the new belt, climb or level

    3. The Platform Full Catalog will be updated to show the new theme and icons

    4. The Achievement Wall will display the new theme and icons

    5. The Leaderboard will display the new theme and icons

    6. The Admin > Dashboard > Learning Funnel will show the new theme and icons

    7. All Platform reports will be updated to the corresponding theme name

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