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Translation Support using Google Translate's Chrome Extension
Translation Support using Google Translate's Chrome Extension
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Do you or your learners need multilingual support while taking our AppSec training content? The Security Journey Platform now supports the use of Google Translate's Chrome Extension!


Once installed, you have the ability navigate the Platform in your preferred spoken language. This extension will translate all Platform UI text as well as the video lesson transcripts, experiments and assessment questions.

Important note: Break/Fix Lessons are not supported at this time.


What language support is included?

Google Translate has 53 available languages to choose from. Click here to see the full list.

How do I use the extension once installed?

Once installed, you will see the Google Translate extension in the top-right of the Chrome Browser:

  • You will click on the extension and choose "Translate this page"

  • A menu bar will open along the bottom of the page and you can choose your preferred language

  • Once you make a selection, the page will automagically translate all translatable elements on the page

  • If you wish to go back to English or choose something else, you will use the same menu bar - click "Show Original" or click the x to exit

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