Recommended Paths

This article describes the updates we've made to our Security Journey paths.

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Recommended Paths

We’ve created new Recommended learning paths that replace our original Default paths. ​There are a number of important changes worth noting:

  • The new paths are more focused with only 24 lessons (used to be over 30 or 40 lessons) to ensure a manageable time investment for your learners while still covering the necessary topics.​

  • Our original paths will be added to a "Retired" section of the UI and will be displayed under Custom Paths if you have learners enrolled in them.

  • Path completion time has been reduced by about 90 minutes each​.

Path Organization

We've established Recommended Paths at all levels (Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced)​ and organized them by:


  • Developer​

  • Non-Developer​

Developer content​:

  • Hybrid (Hands-On + Video_

  • Hands-On​

  • Video​


  • video only​

UI Updates

In the Admin Platform settings, the Recommended paths are indicated with a Security Journey mountain icon: ​

These paths will be organized by learner role to make it easier for you to find the training most relevant to your learners!

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Keep in mind:

  • With the new UI, you can now select a path to see all the lessons included in the path.

  • The Intermediate and Advanced paths are displayed after the Foundational paths to align with the admin order of review and assignment completion​.

  • All paths are deactivated by default and learners will not see the content until you (Admin) activate it​.

  • Admins can now bulk Activate/Deactivate paths

  • Path names will not change when the theme changes for the platform​

    • The UI will still display the chosen theme​

    • Certificates will also display the theme

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