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Recommended Paths

This article describes the updates we've made to our Security Journey paths

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Recommended Paths

We’ve created new Recommended learning paths that replace our original Default paths. ​There are a number of important changes worth noting:

  • The new paths are more focused with only 24 lessons (used to be over 30 or 40 lessons) to ensure a manageable time investment for your learners while still covering the necessary topics.​

  • Our original paths will be added to a "Retired" section of the UI and will be displayed under Custom Paths if you have learners enrolled in them.

  • Path completion time has been reduced by about 90 minutes each​.

Path Organization

We've established Recommended Paths at all levels (Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced)​ and organized them by:


  • Purpose-built paths for relevancy and efficiency​

  • Contains three levels of content and training – progressive training​

  • Organized by Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced levels

Compliance Based:

  • These paths are one level of content focused on a compliance topic.

Topic Based:

  • Paths that are multi-level but not oriented around a learner role.

  • We currently have all our HackEDU Break/Fix only paths organized here.

UI Updates

In the Admin Platform settings, the Recommended paths are indicated with a Security Journey mountain icon: ​

These paths will be organized by learner role to make it easier for you to find the training most relevant to your learners. For a deeper look at these new paths and what's included check out:

Our original default paths have been moved to a new section in the Admin UI called 'Retired'. This will NOT delete the paths or change the status of learners in any path or make any change to your existing paths. At this time, it is only an updated categorization in the Admin UI.

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Keep in mind:

  • With the new UI, you can now select a path to see all the lessons included in the path.

  • The Intermediate and Advanced paths are displayed after the Foundational paths to align with the admin order of review and assignment completion​.

  • All paths are deactivated by default and learners will not see the content until you (Admin) activate it​.

  • Admins can now bulk Activate/Deactivate paths

  • Path names will not change when the theme changes for the platform​

    • The UI will still display the chosen theme​

    • Certificates will also display the theme

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