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Visual Studio Code Editor: Info and Tips
Visual Studio Code Editor: Info and Tips

This article describes the functionality of the Visual Studio Code editor (IDE) available for use in a subset of the training content.

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Security Journey provides supports source code editing in an in-browser version of the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) editor for a select number of coding challenges.

Learners are able to utilize most of VS Code's built-in features to aid in development. This includes features such as:

  • IntelliSense

  • Built-in terminal

  • Preferences modifications

  • Find & replace

  • Auto-completion

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Error detection

There are, however, a few features which are limited or are otherwise unavailable for use due to sandbox constraints or for security. These limitations are as follows:

  1. User-level preferences cannot be modified; only Machine or Workspace preferences are editable.

  2. Any preferences that are modified do not get persisted across sandboxes.

    1. If the user resets the sandbox or loads a new sandbox, the settings will change back to their default values.

  3. Files need to be manually saved after editing.

    1. This can be done either by select File -> Save/Save All or by using the keyboard shortcuts:

      1. Mac: ⌘ + S (save current file) or ⌘ + βŒ₯ + S (save all)

      2. Windows: CTRL + S (save current file)

    2. Note: The application will automatically attempt a rebuild after the code is saved.

  4. The built-in debugging functionality is not available for use.

For a more in-depth guide to VS Code, please see Microsoft's official documentation here:

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