Restricted Paths

This article discusses restricted paths - what they are and how to use them.

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Restricted Paths

What is a Restricted Path?

When you activate paths in Security Journey, they are visible to everyone who has access to the Platform. When you restrict a path:

  • The restricted path will only be available/shown to learners if it's been assigned to them.

  • If restricted, the path will not show up in the map/list view for learners if it is enabled.​

Why would I want to restrict a path?

If you need a subset of your learners to take training separate from the rest of their organization. With this feature you can ensure that specific training, such as role-based training paths or compliance-based training, has a deadline for completion and is prioritized higher for specific learners than content available to everyone.​

How do I restrict a path?

  1. Login to Security Journey

  2. Navigate to Admin > Paths & Quests

  3. Activate your path of choice

  4. Click the restrict button under the path description

  5. You will be prompted with a warning, then click confirm.

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