Uploading .CSV Files

This article describes how to manage learners and learner attributes with a .CSV upload.

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Learners and their attributes can be easily added to the Security Journey platform via a .CSV file. This functionality allows you to create, update and archive learners in single upload.

Learner Attributes supported in .CSV files:

  1. Email

  2. First Name

  3. Last Name

  4. Business Unit

  5. Company

  6. Country

  7. Department

  8. Employee Number

  9. Job Role

  10. Manager's Email Address

  11. Manager's Name

  12. Security Champion

  13. Title

  14. Team

You can also add and remove platform Administrators via .CSV. Simply add a column to the file called "Admin" and mark the row TRUE to create an admin and FALSE to remove admin rights.

Similarly, if you would like to Archive a user - add an "Archive" column to the .CSV file and mark the row TRUE to archive the user

Uploading a .CSV File:

To upload your learners, navigate to the User's section of the admin page and select the "Choose File" button:

Then, add your .CSV file:

If you need assistance in configuring your .CSV file, click the "Download our .csv template" link directly in the platform.

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