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How to change the Level of a Duplicated or Custom Path
How to change the Level of a Duplicated or Custom Path

This article describes how you can make changes to your paths - updating the level (foundational, intermediate and advanced).

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All of our Recommended Paths are configured at specific levels. This means you need to complete a Foundational level path before you can move on to Intermediate and then Advanced etc.

However, there may be a situation where you want to provide a higher level Path to someone who is just starting out. We provide you the ability to change the level as needed.

Updating or changing a Path's Level

If you would like to change a Recommended Path's level, you need to duplicate the path.

First, find the path you wish to update by going to Admin > Paths & Quests > Select Path > Duplicate Path.

Once you've duplicated your path, it will show up under your "My Paths." We have three sections in "My Paths:"

  1. Progressive (Video + Hands-on)

  2. Video

  3. Hands-on

Once you've located the path you want to change, you can edit it as needed. To make changes, you will need to click "Edit Path." From here, you can update the name of the path, the description and the level. The level is displayed in the second blue dropdown menu at the top of the page. You will need to click and hold to get the menu to open. After making your edits, you will want to "Save Changes." This path will now be available at the level you've selected!

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