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This article describes all our Hands On only learning paths - including how we organize them by role, coding challenge, topic and threat.

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Recommended Hands On Learning Paths

Our Content Team has put together a collection of learning paths featuring our hands on lessons. Video lessons can be great for foundational and non-developer training, but developers require hands-on training to implement their knowledge. These lessons cover both offensive and defensive techniques for developers to understand how to identify and fix vulnerable code. Through real-world development experiences, developers can practice breaking, fixing, and testing code within a secure application sandbox. Our Hands On paths ensure that your learners have an opportunity to get in and edit code right away!

Here is the available Hands On Paths broken down by role, coding challenge, threats and topics:

AppSec Professional

AppSec Professional paths are for Developers interested in DevSecOps security. It has all the content our Hands On Web developer path has with the addition of a deep dive into known vulnerabilities & DevSecOps practices.

HackEDU: Foundational | AppSec Professional

HackEDU: Intermediate | AppSec Professional

HackEDU: Advanced | AppSec Professional

Coding Challenges

Coding Challenges enable learners to showcase their mastery of programming languages by identifying and correcting vulnerabilities in code snippets. These lessons leverage the Visual Studio Code Editor.

Learners are tasked with fixing vulnerabilities and then validate their solutions by running unit tests. This process effectively demonstrates their ability to write secure code.

HackEDU: (C# - .NET) EXIF Viewer

HackEDU: (GO - NET/HTTP) EXIF Viewer

HackEDU: (Java - Spring) EXIF Viewer

HackEDU: (JavaScript - Restify) Social Media

HackEDU: (PHP - Laravel) EXIF Viewer

HackEDU: (Python - Flask) EXIF Viewer

HackEDU: (Ruby - RoR) EXIF Viewer

HackEDU: (TypeScript - Restify) Social Media

Developer - Web Developer

HackEDU: Foundational | Web Developer

HackEDU: Intermediate | Web Developer


HackEDU: DevSecOps

HackEDU: Docker Security

Mobile Developer

HackEDU: OWASP Mobile Top 10 (Android)

HackEDU: OWASP Mobile Top 10 (iOS)


HackEDU: Credential Reuse

HackEDU: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

HackEDU: Injection Attacks

HackEDU: NoSQL Security

HackEDU: Publicly Disclosed Vulnerabilities

HackEDU: Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF)

HackEDU: SQL Security


HackEDU: Authentication

HackEDU: Authorization

HackEDU: Cryptography

HackEDU: Encryption Basics

HackEDU: Native Applications

HackEDU: OAuth

HackEDU: Secure Password Managment

HackEDU: Web Application Security Extended

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