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This article discusses our Coding Challenges and how they differ from our Break/Fix lessons

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Break/Fix & Coding Challenges - How are they different?

When discussing the key distinctions between break/fix tasks and coding challenges, the focus shouldn’t merely be on the act of breaking and fixing code. Instead, it’s important to consider the scope and context provided by each approach.

Break/fix tasks typically expose you to only a limited section of the code, often focusing on identifying and resolving specific issues within that snippet. This can limit the depth of understanding one gains from the exercise.

These lessons guide the learner through the various aspects of the vulnerability being taught - starting with an explanation, how to exploit and then how to remediate.

On the other hand, coding challenges offer a broader and more comprehensive scenario, simulating real-world problems that software developers face.

These challenges are designed to immerse you in a context that mirrors actual development environments (we use Visual Studio Code Editor) which provides a richer, more holistic experience. As a result, coding challenges can offer greater insight into that challenge of secure coding.

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