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Security Journey API v3
Security Journey API v3

This article describes the v3 API, features and benefits.

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Security Journey provides Program Administrators access to a RESTful API; this can be used to generate custom reports within a BI tool or pull reporting metrics into your Learning Managment System (LMS) building management reports.

Generating an API Key

You must be a Security Journey Admin to have access to the API key generator. Keep in mind, if you are already using the v2 API and have an API key, the existing keys will work with the v3 API.
To generate a new API Key you will go to More > Admin > Settings > API. Follow the steps below:

  • Name your key

  • Click Generate

  • Copy the key and store it in a safe place

  • Click "Done"

If you don't click "Done" the key will not be saved and will be invalid. You should see this screen if the API Key was generated successfully.

Use this API key to authenticate against the v3 API by providing it in the Authorization header as a bearer token.

For example: Authorization: Bearer {my API token}

API Documentation

The v3 API route is:{endpoint}

The available endpoints are:



Users progress in their levels and paths


Users Details


Users progress in assignments


Users lesson attempt data (lessons started & completed)


Users progress in their paths


Our v3 API has improved query and filtering parameters, such as text search, status filtering, date range filtering, include/exclude archived users, etc.

We've included links to our postman collection, swagger documentation. These contain sample requests and responses in them:

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