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How can I contact HackEDU Customer Support?
How can I contact HackEDU Customer Support?
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There are two ways that Customer Support can be engaged here at HackEDU:

  1. Submit a request via email at; this action will generate a support ticket which our team will use to contact you.

  2. Use Intercom Messenger; our live chat feature is located on our website, within the Admin dashboard of our Platform page here, or from within the the lesson content itself. See screenshot below:

Live chat is available currently during business hours 8:30 am ET to 5:30 pm ET. If you do leverage the option during off-hours we will still receive your message and reach out next business day.
Please contact support if you are experiencing issues with our product, if you need help finding documentation or if you need clarification around the expected behavior of our Platform!

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