Challenge Report

This article outlines the HackEDU Challenge Report

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Challenge Report

Our Challenge Report provides you information regarding our Hacking and Coding challenges. This can be useful when conducting a tournament or "Capture the Flag" style event. This report includes:

  • Learner's email address

  • Teams

  • Total number of coding challenges completed

  • Total number of hacking challenges completed

  • Number of challenge points earned

  • App (full report only)

  • Language (full report only)

  • Framework (full report only)

You can find this report by going to Admin > Reports & Certificates > Training Report > Challenge Report.

Clicking the blue "Details" button on a user will show:

  • the challenge name

  • Type of challenge (hacking vs. coding)

  • Language used

  • Points received

  • Date the challenge was completed

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