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What are articles and how are they different from lessons?
What are articles and how are they different from lessons?
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We created a new content type for our DevSecOps course, called: Articles!

  • Where can I find Articles?

    • All our articles are located in the DevSecOps Course

  • Current articles available in the platform are:

    • Introduction to Git Hooks

    • IDE Security Plugins

    • Secrets Management

    • Security Code Reviews

    • Container Size Limiting

    • Security Acceptance Testing

    • Security Smoke Tests

    • Server Hardening

    • Secrets Management

    • Penetration Testing

    • Blameless Postmortems

    • Threat Intelligence

  • Do they have coding exercises?

    • Articles, unlike lessons, do not have a coding exercise or sandbox environment.

  • Are they assignable?

    • Yes, they can be assigned as part of a training plan or individually from the user view.

  • What reporting can I expect?

    • Articles will have similar reporting to lessons. You can expect to see the time it took for an individual learner to complete an article and view this information in their user report card, the User Report or the Completion report.

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