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Security Journey Tournaments

Learn how to set up and run a Tournament in Security Journey.

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The Security Journey Platform Tournament feature provides a competitive experience for learners, where they complete hands-on lessons or coding exercises in exchange for tournament points. Tournaments can be created for your entire SDLC - developers and non-developers alike​.

Tournaments can be used to engage your learners through competition and provide additional motivation by making it to the top of the leaderboard when the contest is complete!

To host a successful tournament, we recommend thinking about a prize for the top three learners and advertise it as part of your tournament communications. A little can go a long way! We've found things like company branded stickers, company swag (t-shirt, mug etc.) or even trophies will get folks engaged and stoke the competitive spirit.

Key Features:

  • Lessons and assignments can be auto-generated or selected manually​

  • Customizable pre-written tournament notifications enable admins to communicate easily with participants ​

  • Duration estimates indicate how quickly the tournament could be completed​

  • Enhanced scoring including attempts, hints, success, and coding accuracy all driving points achieved

Getting Started

To create a new tournament navigate to Admin > Tournaments > + ADD NEW TOURNAMENT.

Setup Process

Tournament Name & Start/End Dates

By default the Tournament name will ​be pre-populated with today’s date​ but can be edited. Tournaments will not start until ​the date reaches the chosen start​ date.


By default, the tournament is ​assigned to everyone in the organization. However, Admins can choose the audience by:​

  • Uploading a CSV file​

  • Add emails manually, separated by a comma​

Prizes and Contact Info

These fields will be displayed to all learners on the Tournament overview.

Prizes (optional): Define the rewards that your learners can win.

  • Bragging rights? Stickers? Gift cards?

Contact info (required): If users have questions about the tournament, how can they reach you?

Tournament Type

We provide you with two types of tournaments:​

1. Autogenerated​

  • Security Journey chooses the Tournament content, based on the filters an admin selects​

  • This is the default​ type

2. Custom

  • Admins pick and choose the specific content learners receive as part of the Tournament​

Available Modules Filters

We provide you with a number of filters to make it easier to drill down and find the right content for your tournament.

Tournament Exercises

If you choose to stick with the default Autogenerate option and have no filters applied, we will automatically select 4 lessons from our catalog. You can remove lessons if you would like to have less than 4. You can also remove all four and it will select 4 NEW lessons.

Additionally, we provide you with an estimated time to complete so that both you and your learners are aware of how long it will take to participate in the Tournament.

Tournament Summary

Based on the information and exercises chosen, we will auto-generate a Tournament Summary that will be displayed to all Tournament participants.

For more information on Tournaments:

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