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Let’s say you have a C++ Green Belt and a Docker Green Belt learning path. As an admin, you can now assign the proper training path to the correct audience.

This feature is well suited for Security Journey clients with multiple belt paths based on specific development platforms or languages.

Create A New Assignment

Navigate to Admin > Assignments.

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From the main Assignments page, create the assignment by choosing + Add New Assignment.

An assignment will need to be linked to an existing belt path or quest. Choose the appropriate path for the assignment. If you need to create a custom path, check out this article.

Next, add an Assignment Name and Description.

From here, you can choose a Due Date for the assignment and determine if the system should send Notifications reminding users of the assignment.

If this option is toggled on, then you will need to choose the frequency at which the notifications are sent.

Once the choices are selected, choose Create New Assignment.

Add Users to Assignments

The ability to add users is available once the Assignment is created.

Groups of users with similar achievement or SAML attributes can be added under Audience Selection, choose the appropriate Audience, Job Role, or current belt Level.

Note: If you use SAML in our platform and want to apply it to Assignments, please coordinate with our support team for proper field mapping.

To add users individually or in small groups, use the User Selection section.

User emails can be entered in the form (use commas to separate multiple emails). You can also upload users via a .csv file. Please follow our instructions for setting up the .CSV file so that it will be uploaded successfully.

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