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This article describes how to edit or add learner attributes within your Okta SSO Application.

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What are Learner Attributes?

You can choose to map learner attributes - things like first name, last name, title, job role, company, country etc. We use some of this data to enrich your learner's profiles. Additionally, these attributes can be used to do custom filtering on our Platform reports or to push out training assignments to different groups of people within your organization. To learn more about what claims we support, click here.


Adding New Attributes & Claims:

  1. Sign in to your Okta Admin Dashboard

  2. Navigate to Applications

  3. Find Security Journey in your list of ACTIVE Applications

  4. Click on link to open Application

  5. Choose "Sign On" tab

  6. Click "Edit" and then next to Attributes (Optional) the "Learn More" link

You should be able to add any of the supported attributes that you wish to bring over to your settings. See screenshot below for an example of first and last name:

Note: Once you've added all your desired attributes, you will need to force a login. This can be accomplished by logging into the Security Journey Platform from an Incognito or InPrivate browser session.

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