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Duration Based Training Assignments
Duration Based Training Assignments

This article discussed what duration based training assignments are and how to roll them out.

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Duration Based Training

Previously, our training assignments could only be set up with a strict end date. With our new Assignment Duration feature you can:

  • Choose how many days a learner has to complete an assignment.

    • The date it's due is based on when a learner is added to the assignment.

  • This change allows you to more easily manage long-term training programs such as new hire onboarding and role-based training because learners are automatically added to training assignments.

  • Learners can be automatically added to the assignment when they are created or if they meet the criteria the admin designates (assignment selection rules).

Setting up a Duration Based Assignment

  1. Navigate to More > Admin > Assignments

  2. Click + Add New Assignment

  3. Click Duration Based radio button

  4. Enter the number of days you want to give learners to complete the Assignment once enrolled (like 15, 30, or 60 days)

5. Finish setting up the remainder of your Assignment settings

6. If you would like to have learners be automatically added to the assignment when they are created or based on specific criteria (by business unit, job role or level) check out this article.

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