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Using Security Journey with a Learning Management System (LMS)
Using Security Journey with a Learning Management System (LMS)

This article describes how you can roll out Security Journey training from within your LMS using deep-linking and our open API or xAPI.

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Security Journey doesn't have any dedicated integrations with popular LMS tools. However, it is still possible to use your LMS to assign training without losing any of the features or functionality in Security Journey.


  • Set up and configure Single-Sign On (SSO)

    • Having SSO enabled on your Security Journey Platform allows you to streamline the login experience, leverage Learner Attributes for ease of reporting and take advantage of Just-In-Time provisioning for user creation

  • Set up and configure Learning Paths

  • Set up and configure Assignments (if needed)

    • Assigning a particular path allows you to enforce a due date (either date based or duration-based)

Once you've set up and configured your learning paths and assignments, you are ready to gather the necessary URLs to leverage deep-linking.

What is deep-linking?

Deep links can be used to take users directly to specific content, sections, or functionality within an app, rather than having them navigate to the content manually. In Security Journey, our "copy link to path" provides you a way to push users directly to the content they need to take. This "copy link to path" URL will directly enroll users in the selected path and populate the required lesson on the map or list view.

Recommended Approach

You use the "copy link to path" feature to assign and manage your Security Journey content within your LMS.


You can use our Reporting API (pull) or xAPI (push) to receive Security Journey training metrics into your LMS. Our APIs do differ, so ensure you review what data is available so that you leverage the right one for your organization.

If you would like additional guidance around this, please reach out to your CSM or email

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