Lesson Re-Assignment

This article describes our lesson re-assignment feature and how to use it when activating new default or custom training paths or quests.

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Require learners to re-take previously completed lessons

Security Journey's training methodology is built around the educational philosophy of Progressive Learning. Our paths were designed to be taken once. However, we recognize that many organizations may need learners to re-take content; either to meet compliance goals or to re-enforce relevant Security Topics or vulnerabilities.

When activating a new or duplicated recommended path or quest, you have the ability to require learner's to re-take previously completed lessons. If you enable this feature on a path or quest and then create an assignment, the assignment will also require that learner's retake any previously completed lessons.

Enabling lesson re-assignment

If you would like to enable lesson re-assignment you will need to create a new training path or quest or duplicate an existing path.
From here, you will see a modal that asks: "Would you like to require learners to re-take previously completed lessons?"

When saving the path, you will be reminded that this setting cannot be undone.

End User Experience

If a path or quest does require learners to re-take a lesson, we will show the learner in their path. Both the Map View and List View will inform the learner if this lesson has been re-assigned.


When "Require learners to re-take previously completed lessons" is enabled, each completed lesson will be displayed as it's own lesson attempt within the Lesson Attempts Report and we've added a "completed on" column to the learner's enrollment details. You can access this view by going to Admin > Progress > Clicking on learner's email address.

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