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Communicating with your learners via the Security Journey platform
Communicating with your learners via the Security Journey platform

Two methods to send messages to your learners from within the Platform

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The Security Journey platform provides two different ways for you as a Platform Admin to send messages to your learners:

  • Latest Changes

  • Banner Notifications

Latest Changes

Our Latest Changes feature allows you to push out a message to all your learners as needed. This can be used to communicate important deadlines or updates. Learners can access the Latest Changes from the "Bell icon" in the top right hand corner of the Platform. There will be a red number notification when a message has been pushed. Keep in mind, Security Journey uses the Latest Changes to send updates to learners about new content as it is released on the platform and provide status notices for any planned downtime. Your message may be interspersed with another notification from us.

To push a "Latest Changes" message you will go to Admin > Latest Changes. You can also view, edit or delete any previous message that was sent.



If you would like to notify learners in a more prominent way you can use our Banner feature.

The banner will display in the Platform, above the Menu along the length of the screen. It's light blue when viewing within the Admin settings and light grey when you are looking at your Platform Map. If a learner dismisses the banner with the X, it will not be displayed again.

To create a new Banner message, navigate to Admin > Banner. You can only have one banner set up at a time. Once created, you cannot remove it. However, you can push another banner to update or change it.


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